Glamood Black Friday Sale Preview – 25% Off Everything

Glamood has announced when their Black Friday Sale will begin. They will be sending out promo codes to newsletter subscribers on Nov 17th at 10:00am CET, which is 4:00am EST, and 1:00am PST. They will also post the code on their Instagram and Facebook pages. 

The Code will be for 25% off everything, and Glamood usually does not have any exceptions. Now is a good time to scope out the site and see what you might want to purchase. 

And another tip; Glamood sales often start slightly before the announced times, and codes are sometimes automatically applied to your cart. So even before the code is emailed, you may be able to take advantage of shopping the sale early. However, sometimes they have an additional 10% off code that can only be found in the email, so proceed at your own risk!

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